Single-Source MRO Supplier – your single source MRO supplier is like no other supplier in its field, provides its customers with the ability to consolidate and reduce vendor base within the huge MRO commodities of HVAC (heating, ventilating & air conditioning), process instrumentation, and combustion flame safeguard. provides its customers with the benefit and convenience of requisitioning and purchasing a multitude of genuine brand-name manufacturer’s controls at competitive prices, expedient deliveries, and exceptional value-added services.

Both the HVAC and process instrumentation commodities are often overlooked due to larger commodities such as electrical, bearings, pipes valves & fittings, safety, etc.

However, HVAC and instrumentation are two highly specialized commodities and are often the most difficult to source due to their technical nature.

A prime example of this would be something as simple as a light bulb… In the electrical commodity it doesn’t really matter whether you use a G.E. or Sylvania lamp since both brands will fit as well as work into your given application(s). However in instrumentation it is much different since a Honeywell recorder part will only fit a Honeywell recorder; it will absolutely not work in a Foxboro, Rosemount, Taylor, or any other recorder for that matter.

Another prime example is that most supply houses, distributors, and mfgr’s. Reps do not carry or distribute competitive manufacturer’s product lines. For instance, Honeywell distributors do not distribute Foxboro, Rosemount, Taylor, etc.; Foxboro reps do not rep Honeywell, Rosemount, Yokogawa, etc.

This prevents and makes it almost impossible for companies worldwide to single-source these commodities, except…

At, we are the unique single-source solution for all HVAC & process instrumentation products – view our electronic linecard now.