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Rebuild and Repair…The Economical Choice

CAPP/USA® wants to save you money!

  • Do You Have an Old Flame Scanner or Burner Controller?
  • Do You Have a Chart Recorder That Needs Repair or Recalibration?
  • Do You Have a Honeywell Mod Motor in Need Of Repair?

Don’t throw it away, it’s worth money.
We can rebuild it at a fraction of the cost of a new unit!

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CAPP/USA® is the only company in the country that is certified by FACTORY MUTUAL for rebuilt Honeywell® flame safeguard, programmers and controls that meets insurance specs. for hospitals, schools and commercial buildings.

Actual insert in the FM Global handbook:

January 2005 — Approval Guide

Combustion Safeguards


These facilities are FM Approved for the repair and/or re-manufacture of currently FM Approved combustion control equipment such as combustion safeguards and flame sensing systems. These facilities may be factory authorized repair centers or those of independent contractors. They are required to have suitable quality assurance and quality control procedures and they are included in FM Approvals Facilities and Procedures Audit program for future follow-up audits. Independent contractors may have Approval to repair/re-manufacture products from more than one Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

Capp Inc, 201 Marple Ave, Clifton Heights PA 19018

CAPP/USA Part Numbers. 31079, 31134, 31154, 31202, 31203, 31287, 31376, 31394, 31395, 31397, 31490, 31609 31646, 31715, 31820,31821, 31931, 32166, 32268, 32410, 32440, 33254, 33292, 33349, 33935, 33951, 34192, 34951, 34952, 35847, 36094, 36270, 36354,36373, 36374, 37556, 37974, 38350, 38366, 39241, 39242, 39600, 39601, 45606, 48287, 49448, 50113, 52460, 80481, 93706, 100404,119386, 165472, 165473, 165474, 165475, 165476, 165517, 165519, 168530, 183194, 225186, 265858, 270762, 273422, 283116, 283118,283120, 283208, 283212, 283213, 283214, 283215, 283235, 283237, 284912, 298501, 368232 437249, 437250, 437251, 437252, 437253.


Each of our Honeywell® and Fireye® (Fireye does not have the FM Approval rating) rebuilt units are disassembled, repaired and known to go bad components are replaced. Each circuit board is then resoldered by hand to strengthen the solder joints to extend the life of the unit. Then the product is Quality Control tested by our experienced technicians.

Technician testing Honeywell RA890s with our heated enclosure to simulate a hot boiler like environment

Honeywell C7012 testing with a real flame, not simulated

Honeywell C7012

Honeywell C7012

Honeywell r4140

Honeywell r4140

We repair thousands of items and hundreds of manufacturers
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